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What I Want To See In Guitar Hero IV


Synyster Gates(Avenged Sevenfold), Encore-Seize The Day?
I do have an idea for the battle though:

Jack White(The White Stripes), Encore-Icky ThumpBillie Joe(Green Day), Encore-Jesus Of Suburbia

Jimmy Page(Led Zeppelin, duh ), Encore-Rock And Roll


Fury Of The Storm-Dragonforce(Hah)

Ex’s and Oh’s-Atreyu

Hash Pipe-Weezer

Juicebox-The Strokes

The Kids Aren’t Alright-The Offspring

Sick Sick Sick-Queens Of The Stone Age

Smells Like Teen Spirit-Nirvana

Still Alive-Portal(Maybe a bonus track? Pleaseee?)

Track Packs:

Green Day-St. Jimmy, Good Riddance(Time Of Your Life), Brainstew

Weezer-Beverly Hills, We Are All On Drugs, ?

Feel Free To Post Any Songs In A Comment, and I’ll Add Them To The List


My Opinion on the Gamespot firing

Over the past few days I’ve seen the firing of Jeff Gerstmann unfold.

In my eyes the man did nothing wrong, he did his job. He gave a mediocre game a mediocre score. He was being nice to be completely honest.
Kane and Lynch: Dead Men, had some potential, however fails on all levels, and is a horrible game. In my opinion.

Now arguably my site is a site that reviews games. Major releases only, i don’t have the money to buy or the time to play. Every review is my personal take on the game. It means nothing. I try and provide insight to what is about to come for people looking to buy a game. That’s all. My reviews can be right or wrong in your opinion and you can get a site and talk about it on your own wordpress site.

However many people go to gamespot for honest reviews, and that is an honest review from Jeff Gestmann’s perspective. It means nothing. You may like the game or not.
However, that was the case for Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, not here. Note that. Only a small while ago he gave Zelda an 8.8 an the community became upset. Now the community wants him rehired.

I guess it’s because we all agree with review and believe that he was fired for doing his job, which is giving a honest review to a game. We suppose he was fired because of the advertisements on gamespot for Kane and Lynch, possibly outside influence.

Well I guess my opinion is that the man did his job. He gave a mediocre score to a horrible game.
He got fired due to corruption, maybe.



You do have a mic, I’m sure of it.

Xbox Live Players occasionally have this tendency not to talk that much on their mics. Some don’t talk at all. Why not?
Why be shy in a world where your just playing games. 60 percent of the time I talk to someone on live for one game, and never again. 10 percent of the time we play again, party up, whatever. 30 percent of the time we actually talk for one game, then we play again, and then we add each other to our friend lists and chill occasionally.

But an excuse that at this point HAS to be fake is, I don’t have a mic. Did you really just buy your system? Did you not think to get a mic? Most people who get the arcade version(core, i don’t really care, it doesn’t come with a mic)don’t end up getting live. If you do get live, get a mic.
From now on I really want to not hear this anymore. Unless you recently broke yours, your not off the hook. Talk to me, to your team. Its one of things that makes online gaming great. Don’t tell me you don’t want to talk because your playing bad, talking can’t make you any worse. Most of the time it will only make you better.

-Thunder, sorry for all the rant posts lately.


“Why don’t you play Halo??”

To be honest..
Halo isn’t great. It’s not bad, It’s just not that great. It’s average. Bland. Boring.
I’ve beaten the single player campaign, and I really don’t feel any need to come back to play the multiplayer.
I have no idea why. I just don’t want to come back to it. I don’t want to have to play it on legendary. It doesn’t interest me. I don’t want to get the katana, or any of the special armor. That’s stupid. I don’t feel that much of a competitive rush in most matches. Which is amazing, because most Halo games I’m in will come down to the wire. One kill will separate winning, and losing.

The new weapons and equipment are great. Theater is nice. Forge isn’t exactly what I was hoping for when I heard Halo map editor, but none the less, people have done nice things with it, and it is fun to play around with occasionally. However, I just don’t want to play. It bores me. And I loved Halo 2. I couldn’t stop playing it. Maybe there both too alike? I have no idea. The guns aren’t too realistic..Maybe that’s it? I like the rush of the realistic setting and weapons? I loved the Call of Duty 4 Beta. I spent more time on that then I did on Halo..Hmph.

People will invite me to games. I come, I’ll play. I’m skill ranked at 14. I’m not bad..I finish first on my team most of the time on Team Slayer. I can keep up with the kids who are captains and have 1000 achievement points. People ask me about my rank. Why it’s low. Why I don’t get it up. I have no other explanation other than, I don’t play.


I don’t know. I guess..Halo is getting old for me.

I see people playing Halo like it was their religion(No I don’t mean they play every Sunday for an hour)
I also people playing other things they like, Guitar Hero III, etc.
Some still play Gears and Ghosts(Ew..Ghosts)

What do you think?

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