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School Sucks..

Back to school today, my throat hurts.

I’m so tired, finished all my homework thank god.

Stuff I’d like to mention-

A you tuber who’s videos you may have seen I’ve actually come to like alot. Good videos in the midst of all of the filth that seems to be poring out of youtubes mouth.
Be sure to view his site at
Keep up the great work mate.

Xbox Live is releasing a new update, includes a parental timer, and now you can look at the friend lists of your friends(Well they can block the feature but still). The biggest part of the update however is downloadable games from the original Xbox. Now although yes, you can go to a store to pick them up, if you feel like you missed something, go ahead and download it. (Halo 1 downloadable copy that includes online features? I can only dream)


Too tired to make a useful post today..

Im getting Super Mario Galaxy!(If I can get my hands on a Wii)
I would also be getting Metroid.



You do have a mic, I’m sure of it.

Xbox Live Players occasionally have this tendency not to talk that much on their mics. Some don’t talk at all. Why not?
Why be shy in a world where your just playing games. 60 percent of the time I talk to someone on live for one game, and never again. 10 percent of the time we play again, party up, whatever. 30 percent of the time we actually talk for one game, then we play again, and then we add each other to our friend lists and chill occasionally.

But an excuse that at this point HAS to be fake is, I don’t have a mic. Did you really just buy your system? Did you not think to get a mic? Most people who get the arcade version(core, i don’t really care, it doesn’t come with a mic)don’t end up getting live. If you do get live, get a mic.
From now on I really want to not hear this anymore. Unless you recently broke yours, your not off the hook. Talk to me, to your team. Its one of things that makes online gaming great. Don’t tell me you don’t want to talk because your playing bad, talking can’t make you any worse. Most of the time it will only make you better.

-Thunder, sorry for all the rant posts lately.



Stop reading this blog post now!
Go and argue with your family like I did all day.

Just kidding.
I have tomorrow off, anyone who wants to chill add me on live. By the way, stuff I want for Christmas-
1. 30 GB Zune In Black
2. Guitar Hero III-II(With Wireless Guitar)(Yes I know I’m a bit late to the party)
3. Half Life 2: The Orange Box
4. To sell Assassin’s Creed(How Unfortunate)(Maybe I could pick up Bioshock(For real this time) or a new copy of Vegas with this)
5. I could use some new boxers..
6. skate.
7. Smackdown Vs. Raw 2008
8. Legend Of Zelda-Phantom Hourglass
Well yah.
See everyone tomorrow .


Happy Turkey Day Everybody!



The term ‘Rape’ and online gaming..*Quick Rant*

Now I enjoy the occasional gaming slander. owned, killed, etc.

One thing I’ve seen people using alot lately however is the word ‘Rape’ online.
Basically people will say it when they kill someone without much contention. Much like an owned. They’ll say I’m raping with *Insert Gun Here*
I hate this.


Sorry again, been playing Assassin’s Creed-Call of Duty 4

Since I’ve been playing both for a little while I’ll give my small analysis on both:

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Excellent graphic design, one of the most photo realistic games I’ve ever seen.
Intense like the games before it, huge battles fought with modern weapons.
A surprisingly great storyline from the guys at IW, great to follow has some very good dramatic moments.*imo*
Keeps you coming back to single player with achievements, note that there are no achievements for multiplayer, there is also an arcade mode which will tally points as you get kills in a mission, has leaderboards.
An amazing competitive multiplayer, with great levels and modes.
Multiplayer has a great experience system that has you leveling up often and keeps you playing, has challenges like getting a certain amount of kills with a weapon that will give you an experience boost, all the way up to level 60 at the moment, IW plans to raise the limit soon.
You can customize your online player with perks, which give small upgrades like a rocket launcher, extra bullet damage, etc., actually end up making big differences online.

Quickmatch system doesn’t put in a good effort to place you with people of a level near yours.
No Co-Op mode.
Doesn’t get the attention it deserves, to be honest.


Assassin’s Creed

Crowd reacts to your every move.
Very smooth controls.
Not ever too difficult, everything balances out well.
Combat system provides for different situations the first few times.

Very Repetitive-Stab, stab, listen in on someone, stab, climb, fight, run, long dialogue, assassination, another long dialogue, long horse ride, repeat.
Story can be confusing at times, as is the ending.


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