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Anyway, the new Xbox Live Update came out today.
This update gives a list of things like a new marketplace style, and the marketplace now includes a Xbox Originals area where you can download games for the original Xbox using Microsoft Points. Games up there right now include Halo, Fable, and others.
Other stuff that came with the update were DivX support(Quality is almost perfect), the Inside Xbox feature, and they fixed the aging problem. Also, you can now access messenger if your under aged by going into system settings.

Not a long post 😛

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My Opinion on the Gamespot firing

Over the past few days I’ve seen the firing of Jeff Gerstmann unfold.

In my eyes the man did nothing wrong, he did his job. He gave a mediocre game a mediocre score. He was being nice to be completely honest.
Kane and Lynch: Dead Men, had some potential, however fails on all levels, and is a horrible game. In my opinion.

Now arguably my site is a site that reviews games. Major releases only, i don’t have the money to buy or the time to play. Every review is my personal take on the game. It means nothing. I try and provide insight to what is about to come for people looking to buy a game. That’s all. My reviews can be right or wrong in your opinion and you can get a site and talk about it on your own wordpress site.

However many people go to gamespot for honest reviews, and that is an honest review from Jeff Gestmann’s perspective. It means nothing. You may like the game or not.
However, that was the case for Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, not here. Note that. Only a small while ago he gave Zelda an 8.8 an the community became upset. Now the community wants him rehired.

I guess it’s because we all agree with review and believe that he was fired for doing his job, which is giving a honest review to a game. We suppose he was fired because of the advertisements on gamespot for Kane and Lynch, possibly outside influence.

Well I guess my opinion is that the man did his job. He gave a mediocre score to a horrible game.
He got fired due to corruption, maybe.


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