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No Posts This Week!

Woo. I might make like one or two, but all schedules are out the window this week.

Oh, and for those of you looking for the guest article, it will come. But Jeremiah is being lazy, so soon.

Also, I’ve hit 350 hits this month.

It amazes me to see so many people want to read what I say. o_o
Well I’m shocked, I’ve also hit 900 hits all time, now we’re a bit over that but once we hit 1000, which could happen this week, I will let you guys know.
So thanks.




The Guest Article scheduled for today, has been switched to friday, sorry for the confusion everyone.


When Internet Communities Work Together, Look What We Can Do.

I will be delivering more posts today, but first, something on the internet’s war on Scientology declared a few days ago by Anonymous.

Well for those of you who do not know what’s going on, check out gawker’s guide to the Internet’s war, on the religon, ahem, cult, of Scientology.

Now personally, I have been against it the whole time, before the war was declared.

But now that it is, I’d like to note that, Youtube, Digg, YTMND, and 4chan(from what we know), are working together for a good cause. Holy crap. It amazes me that 4, different communities can be working together. It’s good to see.
Youtube: Providing useful videos, and initially what triggered the war.
Digg: Does the job of spreading the news to thousands.
YTMND: The Unfunny Truth by smoothmedia, has been their for a while, and after the Tom Cruise video, sparked the whole thing.
4chan: Anonymous originates here, and i suppose, if I have to, did a good job in declaring the war.

I’m putting this on digg and stumbleupon to try and make sure it doesn’t go unnoticed, I want to get the word out.



An idea of a friend brought together this petition.

Sign up now. 


Random Rambling Of Things

I have stuff to say today, talk about anything I want to, so here goes.

First of all R.I.P Heath Ledger

Well this completely smacked me in the face. Really completely unexpected. Only 28 too. R.I.P.


Also, Guitar Hero skins at decalgirl are awesome.

Link Here

Some of my favorites are Cherry Sunburst, Runaround, and War.

(Thanks Hawty McBloggy)

My days been alright. Yours?


Sites You Should Start Using If Your Not Already

Alright, so for today’s post I’m going to tell you about a few websites I use almost everyday, and everyone else should be using too.

They’re all kinda obvious, but I highly recommend them and if you’ve considered signing up for them, just do it!

InterfaceLift(Get It? It’s a pun, hah)
Great site for the best high resolution wallpapers on the web.

A site thats seen a lot of improvements in the time that I’ve used it, and has plenty of modules and is better than iGoogle, and has plenty of potential, and a great integrated rss reader, and lots of customization. I don’t expect many iGoogle users to transfer over though.

YotoPhoto(Site is down at time of posting)
I need stock photos occasionally to mess around with in Photoshop, and when I do, this is where I go. It searches all the best stock sites and best of all, is completely free.

Previously mentioned a while ago, YouTorrent is a torrent search engine that is still in beta, and searches multiple torrent sites and almost always finds a good download.
I’m gonna just post something a bit random, because I have news to report, just a random personal blog, right after this one.



What I Want To See In Guitar Hero IV


Synyster Gates(Avenged Sevenfold), Encore-Seize The Day?
I do have an idea for the battle though:

Jack White(The White Stripes), Encore-Icky ThumpBillie Joe(Green Day), Encore-Jesus Of Suburbia

Jimmy Page(Led Zeppelin, duh ), Encore-Rock And Roll


Fury Of The Storm-Dragonforce(Hah)

Ex’s and Oh’s-Atreyu

Hash Pipe-Weezer

Juicebox-The Strokes

The Kids Aren’t Alright-The Offspring

Sick Sick Sick-Queens Of The Stone Age

Smells Like Teen Spirit-Nirvana

Still Alive-Portal(Maybe a bonus track? Pleaseee?)

Track Packs:

Green Day-St. Jimmy, Good Riddance(Time Of Your Life), Brainstew

Weezer-Beverly Hills, We Are All On Drugs, ?

Feel Free To Post Any Songs In A Comment, and I’ll Add Them To The List


Plans for Next Week

Monday-Guitar Hero IV, What I Want To See.

Tuesday-Sites You Should Start Using If Your Not Already.

Wednesday-Guest Article By Jeremy

Tuesday-What I’ve Been Doing

Friday-Why I Want a Steam-Like System On Consoles.

Also, I’ve gotten 200 hits so far this month, first month I’ve hit that number. Thanks to everyone who’s been reading the blog.