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You do have a mic, I’m sure of it.

Xbox Live Players occasionally have this tendency not to talk that much on their mics. Some don’t talk at all. Why not?
Why be shy in a world where your just playing games. 60 percent of the time I talk to someone on live for one game, and never again. 10 percent of the time we play again, party up, whatever. 30 percent of the time we actually talk for one game, then we play again, and then we add each other to our friend lists and chill occasionally.

But an excuse that at this point HAS to be fake is, I don’t have a mic. Did you really just buy your system? Did you not think to get a mic? Most people who get the arcade version(core, i don’t really care, it doesn’t come with a mic)don’t end up getting live. If you do get live, get a mic.
From now on I really want to not hear this anymore. Unless you recently broke yours, your not off the hook. Talk to me, to your team. Its one of things that makes online gaming great. Don’t tell me you don’t want to talk because your playing bad, talking can’t make you any worse. Most of the time it will only make you better.

-Thunder, sorry for all the rant posts lately.


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