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Oh wow

Seems like you stumblers are pooring in by the dozen!


Anyway, the new Xbox Live Update came out today.
This update gives a list of things like a new marketplace style, and the marketplace now includes a Xbox Originals area where you can download games for the original Xbox using Microsoft Points. Games up there right now include Halo, Fable, and others.
Other stuff that came with the update were DivX support(Quality is almost perfect), the Inside Xbox feature, and they fixed the aging problem. Also, you can now access messenger if your under aged by going into system settings.

Not a long post 😛

Expect a lack of good posts unless something happens.



School Sucks..

Back to school today, my throat hurts.

I’m so tired, finished all my homework thank god.

Stuff I’d like to mention-

A you tuber who’s videos you may have seen I’ve actually come to like alot. Good videos in the midst of all of the filth that seems to be poring out of youtubes mouth.
Be sure to view his site at
Keep up the great work mate.

Xbox Live is releasing a new update, includes a parental timer, and now you can look at the friend lists of your friends(Well they can block the feature but still). The biggest part of the update however is downloadable games from the original Xbox. Now although yes, you can go to a store to pick them up, if you feel like you missed something, go ahead and download it. (Halo 1 downloadable copy that includes online features? I can only dream)


“Why don’t you play Halo??”

To be honest..
Halo isn’t great. It’s not bad, It’s just not that great. It’s average. Bland. Boring.
I’ve beaten the single player campaign, and I really don’t feel any need to come back to play the multiplayer.
I have no idea why. I just don’t want to come back to it. I don’t want to have to play it on legendary. It doesn’t interest me. I don’t want to get the katana, or any of the special armor. That’s stupid. I don’t feel that much of a competitive rush in most matches. Which is amazing, because most Halo games I’m in will come down to the wire. One kill will separate winning, and losing.

The new weapons and equipment are great. Theater is nice. Forge isn’t exactly what I was hoping for when I heard Halo map editor, but none the less, people have done nice things with it, and it is fun to play around with occasionally. However, I just don’t want to play. It bores me. And I loved Halo 2. I couldn’t stop playing it. Maybe there both too alike? I have no idea. The guns aren’t too realistic..Maybe that’s it? I like the rush of the realistic setting and weapons? I loved the Call of Duty 4 Beta. I spent more time on that then I did on Halo..Hmph.

People will invite me to games. I come, I’ll play. I’m skill ranked at 14. I’m not bad..I finish first on my team most of the time on Team Slayer. I can keep up with the kids who are captains and have 1000 achievement points. People ask me about my rank. Why it’s low. Why I don’t get it up. I have no other explanation other than, I don’t play.


I don’t know. I guess..Halo is getting old for me.

I see people playing Halo like it was their religion(No I don’t mean they play every Sunday for an hour)
I also people playing other things they like, Guitar Hero III, etc.
Some still play Gears and Ghosts(Ew..Ghosts)

What do you think?


New Site Look

Changed things around a bit to make the site more functional, and I know I said I would post last week and I didn’t so I’ll recap.
Monday: 360 Actually comes in. Now I can play Halo! Finally.

Tuesday: More 360 stuff

Wednesday: Half-Day, My shirt comes in.

Thursday: More of the same

Friday: Blah.

Saturday: I go and see The Comebacks, I thought it was funny but some people hate it. I guess it’s just one of those movies..

Sunday: I played Soccer, my team won 5-3..

Today: I stayed home from school. Cleaned some stuff..

Other than that I can play on Xbox Live, so go ahead and add me, just mention that you read my blog. Also, if anyone plays Company of Heroes, post a comment with your nick, I’ll be sure to add you.

Thursday-Friday I’ll be in Boston, so no blog either of those days.
I’ll see if I can post on Wednesday before I leave..



My 360s dead and this is day one.

Check back for updates to this thread.

So the timeline:

September 26-360 gives three red lights for the second time, I surrender all hope of any fixes and call Microsoft. I’m getting a new 360, and one free copy of PGR 3. Sweet.(Fake Enthusiasm)

September 27-The box better get here tomorrow, or I might have to wait till Monday or even Tuesday to get my coffin. Ugh.

September 29-My copy of PGR3 gets here. I’ll use it to keep me occupied by playing it on a toaster.

October 3-Box Arrives for the 360.

October 4-Box is sent to Microsoft, The long wait begins.

October 15-360 Arrives!


One picture to sum up a million nasty things i want to say to Microsoft right now.


Thanks for my 400$ paperweights.

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