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When Internet Communities Work Together, Look What We Can Do.

I will be delivering more posts today, but first, something on the internet’s war on Scientology declared a few days ago by Anonymous.

Well for those of you who do not know what’s going on, check out gawker’s guide to the Internet’s war, on the religon, ahem, cult, of Scientology.

Now personally, I have been against it the whole time, before the war was declared.

But now that it is, I’d like to note that, Youtube, Digg, YTMND, and 4chan(from what we know), are working together for a good cause. Holy crap. It amazes me that 4, different communities can be working together. It’s good to see.
Youtube: Providing useful videos, and initially what triggered the war.
Digg: Does the job of spreading the news to thousands.
YTMND: The Unfunny Truth by smoothmedia, has been their for a while, and after the Tom Cruise video, sparked the whole thing.
4chan: Anonymous originates here, and i suppose, if I have to, did a good job in declaring the war.

I’m putting this on digg and stumbleupon to try and make sure it doesn’t go unnoticed, I want to get the word out.



An idea of a friend brought together this petition.

Sign up now. 


Sites You Should Start Using If Your Not Already

Alright, so for today’s post I’m going to tell you about a few websites I use almost everyday, and everyone else should be using too.

They’re all kinda obvious, but I highly recommend them and if you’ve considered signing up for them, just do it!

InterfaceLift(Get It? It’s a pun, hah)
Great site for the best high resolution wallpapers on the web.

A site thats seen a lot of improvements in the time that I’ve used it, and has plenty of modules and is better than iGoogle, and has plenty of potential, and a great integrated rss reader, and lots of customization. I don’t expect many iGoogle users to transfer over though.

YotoPhoto(Site is down at time of posting)
I need stock photos occasionally to mess around with in Photoshop, and when I do, this is where I go. It searches all the best stock sites and best of all, is completely free.

Previously mentioned a while ago, YouTorrent is a torrent search engine that is still in beta, and searches multiple torrent sites and almost always finds a good download.
I’m gonna just post something a bit random, because I have news to report, just a random personal blog, right after this one.



Gots a headache-My Favorite Webcomics

Two of the obvious:

Penny Arcade


And one not so obvious:

Cyanide And Happiness

Be sure to check them out.

Better posts the rest of this week. I promise.



Sites you should check out

YouTorrent is an amazing new torrent site that actually searches and scans sites like mininova, the pirate bay, bittorrent, isohunt and others to find what your looking for with the most seeds.
It is currently in beta, so expect improvements.
Thanks Cybernet!

Beemp3 is a great place to find free music, you can download, preview, and see what tracks are popular for around the world. users, stick around to the end of the week and I’ll show you a great way to get the music straight from the site.

Definr is one of my favorite websites available for looking up words. It has suggestions, and super quick finds.
You can also get it right in Firefox.

So yeah, check those out.

Due up tomorrow-Free Music Zilla, Tweakmaster..

PS-Im still waiting for live and my router to start behaving. Meh.


School Sucks..

Back to school today, my throat hurts.

I’m so tired, finished all my homework thank god.

Stuff I’d like to mention-

A you tuber who’s videos you may have seen I’ve actually come to like alot. Good videos in the midst of all of the filth that seems to be poring out of youtubes mouth.
Be sure to view his site at
Keep up the great work mate.

Xbox Live is releasing a new update, includes a parental timer, and now you can look at the friend lists of your friends(Well they can block the feature but still). The biggest part of the update however is downloadable games from the original Xbox. Now although yes, you can go to a store to pick them up, if you feel like you missed something, go ahead and download it. (Halo 1 downloadable copy that includes online features? I can only dream)

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