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What I’ve Been Doing-

Listening To: Daft Punk-Alive 2007, Awesome.

Playing: Call of Duty 4

Something I Noticed About The GotY-

When I Reviewed Call of Duty 4, it got a lower score than The Orange Box.

However, Call of Duty won game of the year. Call of Duty is better than Half-Life 2: Episode 2, Portal, and Team Fortress, individually, and i relize i put it as The Orange Box in the Honorable Mentions section, but what was meant was that Call of Duty 4 was better than those games.



What I Want To See In Guitar Hero IV


Synyster Gates(Avenged Sevenfold), Encore-Seize The Day?
I do have an idea for the battle though:

Jack White(The White Stripes), Encore-Icky ThumpBillie Joe(Green Day), Encore-Jesus Of Suburbia

Jimmy Page(Led Zeppelin, duh ), Encore-Rock And Roll


Fury Of The Storm-Dragonforce(Hah)

Ex’s and Oh’s-Atreyu

Hash Pipe-Weezer

Juicebox-The Strokes

The Kids Aren’t Alright-The Offspring

Sick Sick Sick-Queens Of The Stone Age

Smells Like Teen Spirit-Nirvana

Still Alive-Portal(Maybe a bonus track? Pleaseee?)

Track Packs:

Green Day-St. Jimmy, Good Riddance(Time Of Your Life), Brainstew

Weezer-Beverly Hills, We Are All On Drugs, ?

Feel Free To Post Any Songs In A Comment, and I’ll Add Them To The List


The Lancer-Nerf Edition

Something I recently found and had to post up.

I loved Gears of War when it came out, one of my favorite parts was the Lancer.
You know, the gun with the chainsaw? Well Foresaken_angel24 was able to put together a nerf gun and a toy chainsaw, to create a relatively realistic looking lancer.

Anyone who wants to see how it started, or how to make on of your own of these badboys, take a look over at the nerfhaven forums here.

Also their is a video on youtube:



Two Complaints-Call of Duty 4 Edition

I have two, relatively small complaints.
One is about the matchmaking system, one is about Shipment.

First of all,
Matchmaking does what it says. It matches you with other players.
It surprises me however, how in such a good game, no effort could be put into a system that would match you up to people who are relativly close to your level.
Now, I love the system and think it represents experience and skill, however i can see why you would not matchmake by level because it doesn’t always represent skill truthfully. However I think it would have been for the better if it tryed to match 5s with 1-10s instead of a bunch of 44s on prestige.

I’ll be brief about this one.
The map Shipment.

Utterly, and completely fails.
It has no strategy. Spraying will hit something 90% of the time.
I can see enemies from where i spawn, just a few mere pixels from me.
Every time I throw a grenade I seem to get at least two kills.
Every time I spawn I die within seconds.
Every time I play someone camps in a container in the middle, grabbing sometimes 1000 points.

That is all.



Xbox Live Still Down, Call of Duty 4 Still Unplayable, I’m Still Upset.

Day 16, Xbox Live is still down, and I still can’t play Call of Duty Online.


That is all.


Update: Plans for next week:

Monday: My new favorite websites

Tuesday: Stuff about freeware

Wedensday: Late Orange Box Review(But I think if you like my blog you’ve come to expect that.)

Thursday: What I’ve Been Listening To-Playing..

Friday: What I Want: Month of Febuary

Saturday+Sunday: Plans-Ill post about..Stuff..

Also, I’m re-doing the layout a bit.

Peace, Thunder.


Oh wow

Seems like you stumblers are pooring in by the dozen!


Anyway, the new Xbox Live Update came out today.
This update gives a list of things like a new marketplace style, and the marketplace now includes a Xbox Originals area where you can download games for the original Xbox using Microsoft Points. Games up there right now include Halo, Fable, and others.
Other stuff that came with the update were DivX support(Quality is almost perfect), the Inside Xbox feature, and they fixed the aging problem. Also, you can now access messenger if your under aged by going into system settings.

Not a long post 😛

Expect a lack of good posts unless something happens.



School Sucks..

Back to school today, my throat hurts.

I’m so tired, finished all my homework thank god.

Stuff I’d like to mention-

A you tuber who’s videos you may have seen I’ve actually come to like alot. Good videos in the midst of all of the filth that seems to be poring out of youtubes mouth.
Be sure to view his site at
Keep up the great work mate.

Xbox Live is releasing a new update, includes a parental timer, and now you can look at the friend lists of your friends(Well they can block the feature but still). The biggest part of the update however is downloadable games from the original Xbox. Now although yes, you can go to a store to pick them up, if you feel like you missed something, go ahead and download it. (Halo 1 downloadable copy that includes online features? I can only dream)

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