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Digsby Private Beta

Recently I found the IM client digsby, which is currently in a private beta.

Thanks to the guys at Lifehacker, I got my code a couple days ago, and I have to say, it is quite impressive. With a style that rivals that of Adium for the the Mac, customizable skin options are plentiful. It has something that has alluded windows users for years, which is bubbling in IM windows. Once you have a skin for the main window, you can skin the IM windows(with something like the before mentioned bubbling), and then you can colorize the IM window skin. It also makes use of the notification window. When you receive an IM, the notification window pops up in the lower left, however you have a few seconds to select the notification window, and using the text box inside, can respond straight from the pop-up.
My favorite feature in action.

It also includes Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, and POP3 support, and will alert you when you receive an email. You can even mark as read, or delete directly from Digsy. Also there is support for Myspace and Facebook.

The only negatives I have found, were that it is a bit of a RAM hog, and there is no twitter support, unless of coarse you link your twitter to your GTalk, and hook up to GTalk.

Make sure to give it a try.



Freeware of the day-Free Music Zilla

Free MusicZilla is my favorite way to get music off of social music sites, my favorite being

You can get the tracks straight from the site as you play them in your browser. It also supports other social music sites such as myspace. Defiantly check it out.

Free Music Zilla

I’m starting to belive more and more it’s less lives fault, more my ISP(or router)

I don’t know. I’ll check it out. My Exp keeps friggin droping because I am forced to quit because whenever I play Halo 3 my connection goes dead. Rawr.



What do you use?

What do you use and what’s it for?

I’m talking software, and personally, my most used program would be Firefox. I use it as a web browser alternative to Internet Explorer, its free, and you can get it from Here.

Other programs I use, Price, what I use them for, and why:

Thunderbird, Mail Client, Freeware, Another fantastic Mozilla product but this one being for mail. Still wonderful. Great interface with easy inbox set up for my GMail.
Download Here!

Sunbird, Calender(I may be switching to the Thunderbird extension/calender client, Lightning, but I’ll wait and see), Freeware, Another great Mozilla product this one an iCal type application, keeps track of all my events, and can easily be synced with GCal.
Download Here!

iTunes+Foobar, Audio Playback, Both are free, Obvious choices here, Foobar I use for the actual playing of the music, iTunes is for syncing to my Pod.
iTunes Download Here!
Foobar Download Here!

Pidgin, Instant Messaging, Free, Can instant message over most mediums, mine being AIM and MSN, barely ever slows anything down.
Download Here!

Photoshop(Extended CS3)+Dreamweaver(CS3), Image editing-Web page editing, 1000$-400$, Obviously for working with graphics and web pages. No download link since its not free, but there is a link to Adobe’s site.

joost, TiVo Thing.., Free, I use joost to watch tv shows and internet TV shows. This is pretty new, be sure to check it out.
Download Here! 2.3, Office programs, Free, Used for school stuff, things like that.
Download Here!

Other Stuff I use…

Launchy, Launcher, Free, I hit Alt-Space and a box comes up, i hit in what i want to use and it will pop up on the list(Its hard to explain, check it out though)
Download Here!

RK Launcher, Dock, Free, Shows up at the bottom of the screen with my shortcuts
Download Here!(<-The leopard inspired version link, btw)

CCleaner, Crap Cleaner, Free, Cleans out history and temporary files from your computer, saving space.
Download Here!

Skype, Voice Chat Program, Free, Voice chat with your friends and call phones for a small price.
Download Here!

Post your version of this on your blog or put it in a comment!

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