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What I Want To See In Guitar Hero IV


Synyster Gates(Avenged Sevenfold), Encore-Seize The Day?
I do have an idea for the battle though:

Jack White(The White Stripes), Encore-Icky ThumpBillie Joe(Green Day), Encore-Jesus Of Suburbia

Jimmy Page(Led Zeppelin, duh ), Encore-Rock And Roll


Fury Of The Storm-Dragonforce(Hah)

Ex’s and Oh’s-Atreyu

Hash Pipe-Weezer

Juicebox-The Strokes

The Kids Aren’t Alright-The Offspring

Sick Sick Sick-Queens Of The Stone Age

Smells Like Teen Spirit-Nirvana

Still Alive-Portal(Maybe a bonus track? Pleaseee?)

Track Packs:

Green Day-St. Jimmy, Good Riddance(Time Of Your Life), Brainstew

Weezer-Beverly Hills, We Are All On Drugs, ?

Feel Free To Post Any Songs In A Comment, and I’ll Add Them To The List


Happy Freakin Hangover Day.

Things got crazy over the holidays. You know. Sorry.
Its two in the mourning. I’ll make this quick.

First of all, Merry Christmas.

I hope you all had a good day, I did. Got my Zune; 80 GB, Skullcandy headphones, Guitar Hero II+III, The Orange Box(Which, is Surprisingly, but not really very, like my favorite gift. Portal is amazing. That is all.), and…

A Nintendo Wii. Super Mario Galaxy, and Metroid 3. Yah.

New Years Eve I spent at my friends. We played Guitar Hero and drank Dr. Pepper. It was fun.

I suck at Guitar Hero. ;D


If anyone wants to play Team Fortress(Please)add me up i am in love with the game.

Even though live has been sucking lately.


Also New Years Resolutionisms.

I want to become better friends(with my friends).

I want to be able to beat Guitar Hero on hard. Maybe Expert.

I want to do better in school. That might not happen. Meh.

I want to get games. Lots of games. And a phone. Camera maybe. Maybe a new PSP. And a new skateboard. More RAM for the comp. To see some movies. AND MAYBE. JUST MAYBE. A PS3. MAYBE.

To be exact:
I want a zero board, spitfire wheels, thunder trucks.
2 GBs of Ram.
I’m undecided on the phone. Maybe a Sidekick LX.
PSP Slim. This probably won’t happen.
Casio Exilim EX-Z77 7.2 MP in black. 😛
Meet the Spartans
Starcraft II
Burnout Paradise
Unreal Tournament III
Fallout III


Metal Gear Solid 4.




Box is in(Out) Sorry, No pics.

Box arrived on Wednesday and Shipped out Thursday Afternoon.
I put it in a stack with 20 other broken 360s heading out to Microsoft. The guy says he gets at least twenty a week. Just one store in a pretty small town. Well, at least other people get to suffer with me.

I’ll probably get it later in the month. Hopefully before Call of Duty 4 releases. However, that means I don’t get to play Halo that much because I’ll be playing Call of Duty. Ugh. I’m not as worried about Guitar Hero III, I’m getting that later in the year(Along with my new Nano I hope.)

Schools going a little better now, I still can’t stand to sit through “Exploring Music” for 40 minutes every other day, but my Math grades are improving.

Also, I can’t believe the Yankees lost because some bugs. At least we’re still better than the Mets 😛
Not like the Jets or Islanders are gonna do much better. Meh.


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