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The Orange Box-9.9

The Orange Box

The Orange Box contains five games:
Team Fortress 2
Half Life 2
Half Life 2: Episode 1+2

All of which are amazing games.

It is one of the best deals on video games, ever.
It contains the entire Half-Life 2 collection so far.
The Cake is a lie.
Team Fortress is finally here and very fun to play.
It will give you a ridiculous amount of fun to be had, with much, much gameplay time.

Portal only lasts a few hours.
Team Fortress only has a few maps.
The achivements on the Xbox version has 1000 points for the whole box.
DLC pl0x.

The Orange Box is a new package of games for Valve, the makers of the Half-Life Series, for the PC, Xbox 360, and more recently it has come to the Playstation 3. This package of games comes on one disk, and includes Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Episode 1, Episode 2, Portal, and Team Fortress 2. Let’s start with Half-Life.

Half-Life is nothing new to gamers, and Episode 2, which is the one which is completely new, starts off right where Episode 1 left off and continues the story of good ol’ Gordan Freeman. For those of you not completly familiar with the Half-Life games, Half-Life came out in 1998 and claimed instant success, grabbing plenty of game of the year awards. It also spawned many popular mods, including the most successful online game ever, Counter-Strike, and Team Fortress. In 2005, Half-Life 2 came out for the PC, and also received much praise for the amazing story, the innovation know as the gravity gun, and the amazing graphic detail. A year later, Half-Life 2: Episode One came out and now, the year later, Episode 2. This is one of the main parts of The Orange Box, and really helps it retain it’s value, and provides plenty of game time.

Portal is new to gamers completely and is the most innovative game on The Orange Box. It takes shooters and puzzle games into an entirely new direction. The game is comprised of several puzzles where you use your gun(Properly named the portal gun)to shoot orange and blue portals. Shoot and Orange, and you come out of the blue, and vice versa. The puzzle are clever and you need to always be thinking on your toes. Also, the story is amazing as we’ve come to expect from Valve, the ending really, really amazed me. Not to mention that it completly blind sides you with some amazing humor. THATS YOU, THATS HOW DUMB YOU SOUND.
The only problem I had at all with Portal is that it only lasted me about 3 hours, and 30 minutes. Unless Valve would make some downloadable content. Which would be nice. Right Valve?

Team Fortress 2 is the sequel to the very popular mod Team Fortress, which was made for Half-Life 1. The class style multiplayer comes back for the first time in almost a decade, and brings new game modes, along with a cartoonish art style. You can play as a pyro with the flamethrower, a engineer who can build turrets(among other things), or one of the other 7 classes. Also, the cartoon art style also helps Team Fortress provide some humor. It defiantly is one of my favorite multiplayer games for the Xbox Live at the moment. The Con of this game is that it only has a few maps, not too many of which are even that different from each other.
Unless there was some sort of program called Steam, or some sort of marketplace where you could post new maps for us to download. Right Valve?

One of my few: 9.9/10
I promise I will raise if you give downloadable content.



Sorry again, been playing Assassin’s Creed-Call of Duty 4

Since I’ve been playing both for a little while I’ll give my small analysis on both:

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Excellent graphic design, one of the most photo realistic games I’ve ever seen.
Intense like the games before it, huge battles fought with modern weapons.
A surprisingly great storyline from the guys at IW, great to follow has some very good dramatic moments.*imo*
Keeps you coming back to single player with achievements, note that there are no achievements for multiplayer, there is also an arcade mode which will tally points as you get kills in a mission, has leaderboards.
An amazing competitive multiplayer, with great levels and modes.
Multiplayer has a great experience system that has you leveling up often and keeps you playing, has challenges like getting a certain amount of kills with a weapon that will give you an experience boost, all the way up to level 60 at the moment, IW plans to raise the limit soon.
You can customize your online player with perks, which give small upgrades like a rocket launcher, extra bullet damage, etc., actually end up making big differences online.

Quickmatch system doesn’t put in a good effort to place you with people of a level near yours.
No Co-Op mode.
Doesn’t get the attention it deserves, to be honest.


Assassin’s Creed

Crowd reacts to your every move.
Very smooth controls.
Not ever too difficult, everything balances out well.
Combat system provides for different situations the first few times.

Very Repetitive-Stab, stab, listen in on someone, stab, climb, fight, run, long dialogue, assassination, another long dialogue, long horse ride, repeat.
Story can be confusing at times, as is the ending.



ThundeReview: BioShock

Bioshock was released as the successor to System Shock 2 a PC shooter that is considered by some to be on of the best games for the PC ever. Now 2k games brings us Bioshock.

Pros: Amazing graphical detail, The setting is portrayed very well, The voice acting sells the story very well, Plasmid and weapons work very well together, The little sister rescue or harvest feature offers morale challenging gameplay.

Cons: The lack of a death system makes the game too easy, It is also lacking multiplayer, which shortens its lasting power to the life of the single player which will last 8-12 hours at best, and after playing for a while it will start to lag a bit.

The game starts with you playing as a character named Jack, inside of a plane. For motives you will figure late in the game, He hijacks the plane and it crashes into the middle of the Atlantic. You swim to a near island with a large structure in the middle go inside and enter a bathysphere. It takes you to the underwater city of Rapture, which has been plagued by crime, death, and a controlling leader in the form of Andrew Ryan. When you first get underwater you pick up a short wave radio and begin talking to Atlas, who tells you that Andrew Ryan has his family. Soon after he instructs you about how to kill Splicers, the crazed citizens of Rapture.

You will find your key to survival in Rapture are Plasmids, a genetic code rewriting injection that will give you powers, like the power to freeze someone, or electrocute them. Plasmids are powered by ADAM and EVE. EVE powers your plasmids and as you use your plasmids, your EVE meter will go down. You refill this meter by using EVE hypos, which you will inject to refill the meter. ADAM is carried by the little sisters, which is used to purchase plasmid and tonic slots, as well as plasmids and tonics themselves. Tonics are small boosts to you divided into groups like Hacking Tonics, Engineering, and Physical, they will make you stronger, faster, hack faster, have more wrench power, and things like that. The Little Sisters who carry the ADAM are protected by the Big Daddies. There are two big daddy types, Rosies(Rivet Guns and Proximity Mines) and Bouncers(Drills), both are equally fun to battle. Although fun the battles difficulty is decreased since you immediately respawn at a vita-chamber and you can basically just keep going at them until they die.
Once you kill a Big Daddy you can either harvest the little sister, taking all of her ADAM(normally about 200+), but she will not survive. Or you can do the good thing and save the girl, but only receive some ADAM. If you rescue the whole game you will periodically receive gifts from Little Sisters and get a 100 point achievement at the end of the game.

As you continue and you run into different splicers, bots you can hack to work for you, and their are new weapons, which you can upgrade. The story is well developed and the voice acting is some of the best, selling the story 100%. In the end you will get a good ending for rescuing, bad if you harvested. Although the game ends all storylines, it leaves you wanting more, which it doesnt have much more to offer.





Total(Not an Average)-9.4

Worth the buy?
Deffanitly worth playing through once or twice but after that there is nothing left.



Upcoming Reviews: Halo 3, skate.

I know the review is late but still its worth a look..

Also I will post a journal tomorrow, sorry about the shortage of posts lately.
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