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New Site Look

Changed things around a bit to make the site more functional, and I know I said I would post last week and I didn’t so I’ll recap.
Monday: 360 Actually comes in. Now I can play Halo! Finally.

Tuesday: More 360 stuff

Wednesday: Half-Day, My shirt comes in.

Thursday: More of the same

Friday: Blah.

Saturday: I go and see The Comebacks, I thought it was funny but some people hate it. I guess it’s just one of those movies..

Sunday: I played Soccer, my team won 5-3..

Today: I stayed home from school. Cleaned some stuff..

Other than that I can play on Xbox Live, so go ahead and add me, just mention that you read my blog. Also, if anyone plays Company of Heroes, post a comment with your nick, I’ll be sure to add you.

Thursday-Friday I’ll be in Boston, so no blog either of those days.
I’ll see if I can post on Wednesday before I leave..


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